How To Finish Stain-grade
Ultra-Flex Moulding

Stain-Grade is the same composition as the smooth paint grade. The wood grain pattern allows ULTIMATE FLEX to be finished to match wood mouldings in various hardwoods
Resin-based flexible moulding cannot be stained the same as wood. Even ULTIMATE FLEX which is pre-primed with an all purpose, porous primer will not accept traditional wood stains. Most painters are aware of this and will glaze the product.

A much easier solution is to use "gel" stains manufactured by ZAR®, MINWAX® Gel Stain or Wood-Kote® Jel'd Stain®. These are specially made to work over synthetic surfaces. They come in a wide variety of colors and are available at any Ace® Hardware Store or your local lumberyards, or home centers.

We strongly recommend that first-time users practice on a piece of scrap moulding.
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Paint Grade
ULTIMATE FLEX paint grade comes pre-primed, so using a quality paint will result in a professional painted finish.

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“Gel” Stain

Wood-Kote® Jel’d Stain®
Over 5,000 Profiles Available
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